Supporting the implementation of the HIS geo-enabling framework in countries across Asia and the Pacific

What We Do

The Health GeoLab has been established as an NGO in the Philippines (Reg. No CN201909924) to support the implementation of the Health Information System (HIS) geo-enabling framework  in low and middle income countries across Asia and the Pacific to reach the health related Sustainable Development Goal of healthy lives and well-being for all (SDG 3). 

In this context, the Health GeoLab NGO currently supports the development and expansion of:

  • The Health GeoLab Collaborative: The collaborative is a collective of institutions and individuals engaging their respective skills, experience, network, and/or resources for the health sector in low and middle-income countries across Asia and the Pacific to fully benefit from the power of geography, geospatial data, and technologies
  • A roster of consultants: These consultants have been selected by the Health GeoLab for their skills and experience in supporting the health sector in countries when it comes to the geo-enablement of their HIS.

The Board

Christopher P. Grajo


Rosebelle May Azcuna


Jennifer Bernal Bulalaque


Christine Grajo Liquigan


Where We Work

The Health Geolab is concentrating its efforts in Asia and the Pacific, more specifically on the 30 low- and middle-income countries listed and represented in the following map:

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